The Promise of the Future

The following forecasts for the coming times have been compiled from the writings of Benjamin Creme and include information from the Master of Wisdom with whom he has been associated for over 40 years.    

A new sense of oneness will replace the present sense of separation. This will demonstrate as brotherhood, justice, and sharing.

  We will enter an era of tranquility and peace—in exact proportion to the present discord. The violence and hatred of today will be transmuted into goodwill.

 A new livingness will characterize our relationships and institutions; a new freedom and sense of joy will replace the present fear.

 Contributions by the highest type of artists will lead to a regeneration of our lives. Everyone will become creative in his or her living in an altogether new way.

 The family will gain, not lose, importance as the basic unit of society.

 A new science, the psychology of the soul, will be the basis of all future educational efforts and will transform life for both the child and the teacher.

 The media will have a very responsible role to play in education.

Gradually, the worst areas of slums and decayed buildings in the major cities will go. They will be replaced by recreational parkland and by ordinary housing, on a human scale, interspersed with parks and shopping areas.

New buildings will be quite different in shape from buildings of the past. Some of them, by their very shape, will focus and accumulate particular energies.

 Transportation systems will be devised which will be so silent, so apparently motionless, that travel fatigue will completely disappear.

 The growing concern for nature and environment will be embodied in legislation, universally accepted, and will lead to a wise husbandry of nature’s gifts.

 There will be a new reverence for all manifestations of life, thus bringing humanity into better alignment with the animal and other sub-human kingdoms.

 Most farming will be organically based. This will enhance the vitality and health of the people.

 A much simpler style of living will distinguish the coming civilization.

 Humanity will be emancipated from the drudgery of needless work. Machines will gradually take over the tasks of manufacture.

 Increased leisure will evoke undreamed-of skills and talents, allow men and women to reach their full potential, and permit close involvement in community and national life.

 Following a world stock market crash, a complete change in our economic system will come about. A rational and sustainable economic structure based on sufficiency will become the norm. Cooperation will replace competition.

 There will be a phased, gradual transfer of resources from military to civilian production, which will provide useful work for many.

 The blind following of market forces, whose myopic rule causes such misery today, will give way to an enlightened and just consideration for the needs of all.

 A new political/economic structure—Democratic Socialism or Social Democracy—will become the norm throughout the world.

 All political groupings will tend to the center. Extremes will be a thing of the past.

 In the Middle East, governments elected by the people will replace the present sheiks and emirs as rulers.

 In Latin America, a process of democratic consensus will unfold in almost every country. The voice of the people will be heard, and land will be redistributed and given to them.

 National and cultural identities will be maintained, but barriers will be taken away so that passports will no longer be necessary to travel from country to country.

 The world’s legal matters, which concern global issues such as the exploration of the seabed, will be governed by international law.

 The United Nations will be the central debating, law-giving forum for the nations of the world.

 As a result of the changed conditions on earth—the reduction of tension and fear, greater leisure, the eradication of disease, new meaning and impetus to life—the health of mankind will improve enormously and the physical body will take longer to ‘wear out.’

 The alternative medicines of today will take their place beside the more orthodox methods.

 Healing waters will be discovered, one by one, which will help cleanse the physical body.

 We will understand that there is no such thing as death, but simply a shift of consciousness from this to another plane.

 The desire to know better the nature of God and to come into closer relationship with that Divinity will become paramount in the lives of millions.

 Humanity will be taught the great science of invocation, which will take the place of worship and prayer as we know it today.

 Methods and technology will be found to demonstrate the fact that everything is energy.

 By understanding the technology of light, physicists will discover how to control matter, distance and time—and how to neutralize toxic waste and stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

 The fusion process of nuclear power—a cold, safe, wasteless process using a simple isotope of water, universally available—will solve all humanity’s future power needs.

 By the end of this century, we will build structures with the scientific use of sound.

 We will accept the fact that all the planets are inhabited and that we are all brothers and friends. Gradually, we will take our place in the cosmic brotherhood.